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Sonic RPG eps.9

2014-03-22 15:32:13 by Arthuria99

That's right - It's finally out. Now with new gameplay, unique skill, stunning special effect, animation, and medal system. Have Fun. http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/6361532513349_139551665192_SonicRPG92.jpg


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2014-03-22 20:44:13

Well, this is kinda disappointing... When I had saw that you made a news post, I was hoping it had something to do regarding the next installment to your RPG Flash Game series: "Wave Warrior EXE: 3 Garnet Version". Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that "Sonic RPG Episode 9: The Game" is finally released...! But I already read Midnightmaren's news post about it (And then played the game) earlier today, so I'm already aware.

Still though, that's good of you to also make a news post in order to let people know that the game is out just in case. I know you also had a hand in the game, so congrats to Midnightmaren, AcidShiver and you as well Arthuria! It was really well done! And I hope that we'll one day see future installments of the "Wave Warrior EXE" series here on Newgrounds again!

Arthuria99 responds:

Sadly - one of the reason I contributed to Sonic RPG 9, is because I already called the project off.
If you ever read my testimony on flash-essence. I've already explained my reason - why I decided not to continue the series anymore.


2014-07-29 14:33:41

Flash-essence was taken off the web. I can't find your testimony. Also Sadness. REALLY WANTED TO SEE GARNET HAD BEEN TEASED FOR YEARS AND NOW CANCELLED.

Arthuria99 responds:

I really appreciate people who keep asking me about the continuation of the series.
But the game itself started as a fanmade sonic game with sprites and assets which never actually belong to me in the first place and also the usage of copyrighted characters. Surely there is no place for the series to become "acceptable" in the public, not even as a fanmade game.

It's only logical that I decided to stop it before it catches too much attentions from public, and I also busy with my college and work life. Or you might want to check my deviantart about my upcoming and legal project. I hope you understand the situations :)


2014-11-18 15:00:50

I love it, but something dissapointing is that is not a real RPG
And about you Arthuria999, I'm still waiting for WaveWarrior, I love it, is SO COOL, the kind of RPG that I love, but well...
Sonic RPG 9 is awesome, and this image is so epic...

Arthuria99 responds:



2015-06-01 18:11:08

If you are still here then please tell us some info on sonic rpg episode 10!


2016-06-01 11:07:11

I know that this is a REALLY late comment. But I just got into the sonic rpg series and I think that is really good. I'm just wondering when the next episode of Sonic Wave Warrior is gonna come out. I really enjoyed playing the first three games. Do you have a rough estimate of when it will come out. Great work on Sonic rpg eps. 9 by the way


2016-06-17 23:32:36

Where is ep10